As Akçaren family, we started the activities of Aktar Wholesale Food Trading in 1986 under the leadership of Hacı Yusuf Akçaren. In 2000, we were active in Cash & Carry sector with our first store in Güngören. By the year 2005 we have be the 4-branch Limited Company. In later times, Our company located in Mega Center, one of the most important food wholesaling centers in the world in the near future, has 7 branches and 30.000 m2 closed area in Istanbul and continues to meet hundreds of products and customers’ needs in the most accurate way. As “AKLAR GROUP”, we have been leading the food sector and steadily growing. In the wholesale, food and other market groups, we are responding to customer needs in the cash & carry market with approximately 5,500 product types and an average of 4,000 inventory items per store nationwide. We are providing services with 7 giant wholesale stores in Istanbul Europe side and also serving as corporate wholesalers, we are also serving to the institutional firm as a wholesaler. We have been operating our website in 2013 (www.aklarsanalmarket.com) with the expansion of E-Commerce online sales system in Turkey. In the global sense, We developed the most advanced technology as high-level special software and we also took a step in the field of Wholesale marketing e-store in 2017. At the same time, We are proceeding with sure steps as a company that is always open for innovation, taking customer satisfaction as a principle, earning constant value and earning as AKLIFE Construction Real Estate in the Construction and Export Sectors.

As of 2018, we are continuing our active export activities to 60 countries in main Arab countries, Turkic Republics, South and North Africa Middle East countries, Europe, Asia and Africa.

We are proudly presenting detailed information completed by our company in the Construction Building Property Area from our web site at http://www.aklifeinsaat.com/.

AKLAR CASH & CARRY; engaged in the wholesale sale of famous brand products that Halal food, beverages, tobacco products, cleaning, personal care, paper products in major product categories such as national and international companies operating in Turkey. And serve three different customer base worldwide as the Aklar Group.

Retail Sales Points: Merchandise, grocery stores, nuts, buffets, canteens, gas station stores etc.

Horeca: hotels, bakery businesses, restaurants, canteens, company kitchen, beverage companies, fast food, catering and so on.

Institutions: Companies, factories, artisans and craftsmen, official and government institutions, military and so on. all the food, cleaning, stationery and many other products that institutions need can be easily accessed from a single point.

Our vision
Being number one wholesaler of the food and non-food products sector in Turkey with its widespread, contemporary, healthy and reliable win-win concept.

Our mission

  • To realize customer satisfaction at a high level,
  • To improve our human resources and work with continuous trainings.
  • To comply with the quality management requirements and improve the efficiency.
  • To find the right intervention in our work and to take necessary initiatives.
  • Maximizing the costs and risks of customers and suppliers.
  • Our basic mission is to be a strategic business partner providing competitive advantage to our customers